3rd Annual Marathon Golf Tournament Update

Thanks to everyone for a chilly but successful event yesterday.

Congrats to Elea Navarro for carrying her team of Gary Navarr, Mike Traylor, & Kyle Wright to 1st place for the broken club TRAVELING TROPHY.

Also, congrats to Corey Novascone & his guys for completing 153 holes.  Wow…. makes my feet & hands hurt just thing about it. 

New sponsors this year that Mr. Novascone found were as follows:

  1. Fahnestock – $10,000
  2. Wichita WinSuppy -$5,000
  3. Billy Simms BBQ – food sponsor

Adding to the MVP Team funds:

  1. Poet Ethanol Products – Matt Keeler
  2. Cobalt  Energy Oil & Natural Gas – Nick Hess
  3. Ascent Midstream Partners, LLC – Larry Durham
  4. Darrah Oil – Will Darrah
  5. MV Purchasing – Gary & Rick Navarro as well as Allison Igo
  6. Sen. C. McGinn
  7. N. Knop
  8. C. Renard
  9. D. Goter
  10. G. Strecker

If I have missed anyone then I apologize & please forward to anyone that was on your team because I don’t have everyone’s email.

Some funds are still coming in so in about a week we should have a grand total to share w everyone.

Thanks again for your support.

Rick Navarro