Auggie Navarro Scholarship Foundation

scholarship application

The Auggie Navarro Scholarship Foundation was formally established in February 2020 in honor of the memory of Auggie Navarro who was a highly respected, long-time golfing figure in the Wichita community.  His children report that their dad always said, “Golf gave me everything”.  It is the intent and hope of this foundation to provide scholarships of educational support for generations to come by assisting young golfers of the Wichita area to attend college by awarding one or more $10,000 scholarships to successful applicants.  This scholarship would be paid out as $2500 annually over 4 years as long as the recipient is a full-time student (12-credit hours or more per semester/term) enrolled in an accredited post high school institution.

The Auggie Navarro Scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Academic record (transcript);
  • Resume’ providing evidence of character, social responsibility/community service, leadership;
  • Essay written by the Applicant;
  • Golf participation; and
  • Letters (2) of recommendation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be a Kansas high school senior enrolling as a full-time student (12-credit hours or more per semester/term) at an accredited college, university or trade school for the coming fall semester/term.
  • Applicant must have participated in an interscholastic high school golf program or a recognized junior golf program such as the Kansas Golf Association, Kansas City Golf Association, Central Links Golf Association, Wichita Junior Golf Foundation or The First Tee.

Required Application/Supporting Information

  1. Cover page (11-point Arial font) with the following information about the applicant
    1. Full name;
    2. Month, day, year of birth;
    3. Street address, city, state, zip code;
    4. Ten-digit phone number;
    5. Email address;
    6. Number of children in home;
    7. Estimated annual household income;
    8. Number of years in a junior golf program;
    9. Full name of high school currently attended or graduated; and
    10. College/university which the Applicant plans to attend.
  1. Official high school transcript(s) including ACT or SAT composite scores. “Official” transcripts must be mailed by the educational institution to the Auggie Navarro Scholarship Foundation.
  2. Verification of participation in high school or a junior golf program.
  3. Resume which provides Applicant’s full record of employment (name of company, position, dates of service); internships, if any (name of company, position, dates of service); extracurricular/co-curricular activities and applicable leadership; community service (name of initiative, type of service/work, dates of service); and honors/awards (full name of honor/award, date received).
  4. Essay written by the Applicant (maximum of two pages, Arial 11-point font, double-spaced with standard margins) to include: how the game of Golf has influenced the Applicant; his/her goals and aspirations.
  5. Two letters of recommendation sent under “separate cover” from each recommender. One recommendation must be from a teacher or administrator of the Applicant’s high school who can assess the Applicant’s academics and intellectual abilities, character, social responsibility, and leadership. The second recommendation must be from a person (unrelated to the Applicant) who knows the Applicant because of the Applicant’s involvement in Golf and the recommender can assess the Applicant’s character and involvement in Golf.

ALL application/supporting materials become the property of the Auggie Navarro Scholarship Foundation and MUST BE postmarked on or before September 1, 2021, and mailed by U.S. Mail to:

Auggie Navarro Scholarship Foundation
c/o Rick Navarro
8301 E. 21st, Ste. #370
Wichita, KS  67206