Auggie and his nine siblings came from humble beginnings, raised in a pair of boxcars given to their father as a retirement gift for years of service in railroad construction. Many of the Navarro brothers began caddying at young ages to help support the family. This would be Auggie’s introduction to the game of golf.

As a caddy, he would earn 90 cents per 18 holes at Crestview Country Club (now Braeburn Golf Course), often carrying bags for two golfers. The Wichita Beacon hosted an annual caddy tournament, sponsoring the winner to play in a national caddy championship. Navarro won his first event at the age of 17, which qualified him to play in the National Caddy Match Play tournament in Columbus, Ohio. As a member of the highly talented North High Golf Team, which would produce four future PGA professionals, Navarro continued to refine his game.