Scholarship Recipients

$1,000 Scholarships


1.  Levi Iseman     

2.  Carter Lohrengel      

3.  Jared Thurston       

4.  Amber Reily Goyne 

$10,000 Scholarships


1.  Hannah Perkins 

2.  Caleb Oeding    



1. Emily Demel      

2. Max Iseman      

3. Abby Sauber     



1. Eric Davis        

2. Charles Adams       

3. Sydney Lashley       

4. Wyatt Iseman     


1. Jace Brown

2. Justin Looper

3. Lakin Shelton

4. Trae Gehring

5. Christopher Hogan

6. Ethan Ables

7. Joseph Dewey

8. Caleb Soliz

The Auggie Navarro Scholarship is for deserving young men and women, who share Auggie's love of golf, through the Wichita Jr. Golf Foundation. This past year, $81,000.00 from the 2017 5th Annual Auggie Navarro Golf Outing, was raised and enabled us to present eight, $10,000 scholarships. This money will be gifted to seniors that have been in the WICHITA JR. GOLF PROGRAM for four (4) years or more located at PUBLIC GOLF COURSES in WICHITA. 

We look forward to the 7th Annual Auggie Navarro Golf Outing to be held in 2019.

The college of choice is made by the Auggie Navarro Scholarship recipient. Some of our seniors have chosen to utilize their scholarships at:

Wichita State University

The University of Kansas

Kansas State University

Oklahoma State University

Butler County Community College